Personal milestones come once in a lifetime, so the decision to celebrate achievements and your life, is a monumental one.  We understand the importance of your occasion and anticipate every last detail to produce an experience beyond the wildest imaginations.  Unite and bring joy to your family and friends with a heartfelt and impeccable celebration.   Let's create lifelong memories.


Every great party starts with a moment of inspiration; an idea that sparks imagination and planning, culminating in guests reveling. Carroll Gelderman's debut party traces back more than a year ago to a sunny day in Palm Beach. She fell in love with a black Valentino cocktail dress and wanted to wear it to her debut party. A black cocktail dress to a young ladies coming out party? At the time Carroll was studying Truman Capote; so his iconic 1966 Black and White Ball was the perfect theme. Thea Pagel Productions was hired to create the mystique of the famed Black and White Ball in a tent in the Gelderman's Garden District side yard. Our first step was to distill the defining elements - the opulence of the Plaza Ballroom, an eclectic guest list, masks, a late night supper menu, and entertainment that spanned as wide a range as the guests. Thea envisioned the parterre garden growing up and creating its own ballroom. The team then followed Truman's party recipe for success, while infusing New Orleans signature entertaining talent and style. Checkout our photo album to see how the party turned out!